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substation electrical installationIntelect provides a wide range of services and solutions for your electrical systems. When you need help consulting for your commercial or industrial electrical projects, or assistance with electrical work related to telecommunications, security, IT, or ITS, we can be there for you.


Overview of Capabilities

electrical installationWe install, test and repair everything from basic wiring, fuse panels, circuit breakers, and back-up generators, SCADA, sub-station repair and replacement,  to signals, emergency wayside telephones, public address systems, and tunnel and overhead station lightning systems. We also handle the electrical needs for telecom, wireless, CCTV and card access systems

We can help you with the following core electrical services:


  • New Build
  • Upgrade/Retrofit
  • Test
  • Maintain

Cable Systems

  • Copper
  • Fiber

Electrical Services by Market

While many of Intelect’s electrical services are similar for all our customers, we also have proven experience in handling the unique needs of different markets. In addition to our extensive custom work in transportation systems for Government and commercial organizations, we also understand the specific requirements for electric systems operated by utilities, engineering and construction firms, OEMs, and telecom service providers.

Browse our complete set of products, services and solutions for all our  markets.

Featured Product

Integrated compact power system The Integrated Compact Power System (ICPS) is a unique electrical utility disconnect panel that combines multiple AC branch circuits and DC circuit disconnects into one single space-saving, lightweight panel.  This greatly reduces costs, installation time, and space requirements so you can take advantage of unique power, test, and disconnect features. The ICPS is designed and manufactured exclusively by Intelect.

Sample Applications

The UL 60950-1 Approved ICPS or Utility Disconnect Panel can be used across a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including:

  • Telecommunications sites
  • Cellular power systems
  • Computer data centers
  • Solar energy systems
  • UPS locations
  • Fiber optic systems
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Custom applications requiring a compact power source

Learn more about this all-in-one power solution.

Featured Services

Substation Upgrades

substation - rectifierIs your substation due for a renovation? If so, contact Intelect by email or call 410-327-0020 now! We know the critical importance the substation plays in your train operation, and we have the knowledge and equipment to raise the unit, handle rewiring and other facets of this complex job. We’ve done this for many energy and transportation organizations, and would welcome the chance to assist in your next project.

High-Voltage Rail Bonding Systems

The Intelect team is certified in the application of Cembre ™  bonding systems, so we can offer you testing, repair and refitting of high-voltage rail bonding systems. The Cembre system is the product of choice for European and international railroad mass transit, where aging traction power infrastructure (with outmoded G-clamp and welded bonding systems) needs to be upgraded. Once installed, Cembre bonding products provide a low-resistive, high-strength connection to the rail, virtually eliminating cracked rails at the site of the bond and allowing them to be easily removed for rail maintenance and testing. We can also perform high- potential testing on rail jumpers, main power feeder and grounds.

Featured Solution

Federal Building Energy Efficiency Mandate

Intelect is currently engaged in engineering and installing high-efficiency lighting. With the Federal mandate looming, governments are tasked with saving 30% on their energy usage by 2015.  Intelect can supply, install, maintain and finance whole building/structure high- efficiency lighting solutions. Our solutions come with a minimum 5-year warranty to as high as 10-year warranties. Our packages come with electrical controls for saving even more money; in most cases an additional 50% cost reduction can be achieved by engineering control systems into the initial installation. Given the expense of making the change to high-efficiency lighting, Intelect has excellent financing that in most cases pays for itself over a very short period of time. When you compare the cost savings of going with high-efficiency lighting, you’ll find it pays for new lighting and installation!

Customer Satisfaction

Intelect has successfully completed electrical projects for the following leading organizations:

  • Whiting-Turner
  • Obrecht
  • The Cordish Companies
  • Clark Construction
  • Motorola Solutions Inc.
  • Maryland Stadium Authority
  • Spunk Fitness
  • Most major cellular carriers in the nation

Contact us at 410-327-0020 or by email today to see discuss your electrical needs!