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Information Technology

Optimize and Support Your Mission-Critical Applications

Core Competencies for Information TechnologyImprove the reliability, availability, and security of your infrastructure – discover the value of Intelect’s network installation, systems administration, application integration, middleware development, database management and software project management.

Range of Capabilities

You  can feel confident about the success of your network and service to your end users with Intelect’s full lifecycle approach, project management skills and scalable integrated solutions, all bolstered by our global partners and high-quality IT support. In addition, we can provide help desk solutions to support your users.  The IT group at Intelect can also support you through the entire software development life cycle. Our IT capabilities perfectly complement services we offer you in the telecommunications, ITS, security, and electrical systems areas.

Let’s take a closer look at the core of Intelect’s IT offering:

Network Installation and Systems Administration

We can help you plan, install and manage the following:

  • Voice and data telecommunications
  • Intranet and Internet administration
  • Network planning and design
  • Mobile/wireless services and LAN/WAN management security
Firewall Management

Intelect has been seeing increasing demand for firewall management. Companies are struggling with the pace of technology changes, numerous security threats, vibrant network structures and rapid network growth, as well as the challenge of maintaining a quality staff. A properly configured and well-maintained firewall can be a very effective piece of your security solution. It could very easily mean the difference between a successful stronghold and a serious breach for your organization.

Though firewall management isn’t glamorous, it is one of the keys to maintaining a secure environment. Out-sourcing of firewall management lets you avoid the routine problems while ensuring or even enhancing security. Our support includes:

  • Services to keep your firewall up-to-date, secure and functional
  • Advanced firewall services for improved network fortification
  • Extended competencies – log file analysis
  • Remote monitoring services

Database Management

IT database checkIntelect has a unique technology to accelerate the detection, diagnosis and resolution of business-threatening performance issues before they impact your end-users and service levels. Our innovative solutions include monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, space management and high availability. Intelect’s comprehensive management solutions can help you reduce the total cost of database ownership, manage day-to-day operations and increase overall service management responsiveness.

Application Integration, Software Project Management, and Middleware Development

In today’s complex organizations, linking your applications is critical to improving your efficiency and security. Intelect’s application integration can help you automate and simplify your business processes without major changes to the applications or their data structure.

Our development and project management experts can work in virtually any language you prefer, and they can develop custom middleware to meet the demands of your network. When the project calls for Java, JSP, XML, C++, PHP, ASP, WAP/WML, Flash, J2EE, EJB (WebLogic, WebSphere), CORBA, SOAP, Delphi, Visual Basic, Oracle, MS SQL Server, or MySQL, you can rely on Intelect for fast and effective completion.

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