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Core Competencies - Video SurveillanceIntelect has extensive experience in engineering, implementing, and maintaining a wide variety of systems including in the rapidly changing world of video surveillance and security. So whether you need basic CCTV, IP-based wireless surveillance, intelligent access control, or other detection systems, we have the products and expertise to handle your project from start to finish.

Video Surveillance and Security Options

Intelect can improve your organization’s security, safety and efficiency with our breadth of video surveillance and security solutions:

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance:

– Fixed & Mobile

Digital IP

  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Chemical & Biological Detection

Evolution of Wired and Wireless Video Surveillance

Security and surveillance have been growing rapidly in the last decade. There are several reasons for this; some are based on changes in society since 9/11 and the increased focus on homeland security, while others are due to astounding leaps in technology that have enabled greater transmission, storage, detection algorithms, analytical software, and management of video and related data.

Now it’s common for Government and businesses to see video surveillance as an essential tool to protect life and property. Law enforcement uses cameras for public safety on buses, trains and terminals, and closed circuit television (CCTV) and similar systems now help manage highway congestion and capture traffic violations. Educational institutions can watch their corridors and campuses. Companies have reduced costs and increased employee safety and productivity with intelligent analog and digital video systems that monitor plants, parking lots, office buildings, public spaces, retail stores, banks and casinos. The growth in broadband communications capabilities has made cameras in remote locations feasible, transmitting real-time data to a central location where it’s efficient to monitor and record activities. This massive influx of data has also led to increased need for analytics to turn the video into useful information, fast. At Intelect, we can take care of all your video surveillance and related systems needs.

Increases in Physical Security Needs

Some of the same factors that are behind the tremendous growth in video surveillance have also driven the need for increased physical security solutions. Government and industry both place a far greater premium on sophisticated types of access control. Systems to detect intrusion by a person, as well as problems in chemical or biological environments are in great demand. Intelect’s experience is a valuable asset in helping you understand which solutions best suit your operation.

Intelect Brings It All Together

Surveillance and security systems require a wide range of design, installation, repair and maintenance capabilities, and are often closely connected to security devices, IT, communications networks, and electrical systems. This is where Intelect’s breadth of knowledge and services prove especially valuable. Intelect is the single source solution for you. We offer our abilities to provide turnkey on-site services including consulting, design, software development, program and project management, system administration,  network administration, installation,  training, maintenance and repair, inspection, and ongoing support services on a broad range of analog to digital based equipment, including:

  • DVRs
  • Digital transit recorders
  • Audio recording equipment
  • Intrusion/alarm systems
  • Video compression equipment
  • Video controller devices
  • Other security-related equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

satisfied customersIntelect is proud to have delivered highly-effective surveillance and security systems for the following organizations:

  • Baltimore Police Department
  • City of Baltimore – many facilities
  • Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
  • Port of Baltimore
  • Detroit Department of Transportation
  • San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni)
  • Victory Racing Plate
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
  • ..and many more

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