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Intelect Corporation has worked with original equipment manufacturers since 1995 to provide engineering, project management, quality assurance, test, inspection, oversight, assembly, light manufacturing, kitting, sourcing, warehousing, logistical and related services to support and improve your products. OEMs and partners can leverage Intelect know-how and industry relationships to make better products, improve sales, and improve market positioning.

At times, OEMs and integrators have called on Intelect to provide professional services as sub-contractor to create better solutions and work products for the end client. The result of our collaboration is to provide the best technical solution for our customer’s systems needs. Intelect helps solve your issues and views every problem as challenge to overcome.

Here is how we have helped our OEM and integrator partners:

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Mobile and Fixed Infrastructure

Electronic Systems (low voltage)
  • Radio equipment
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Digital video recorders
  • Variable message signs
  • Alarm systems
  • Signal and sensor systems
  • Access control and intrusion detection
  • Revenue collection systems
  • Smart card systems
  • Automatic voice annunciation
  • Automatic passenger counting
  • Mobile data terminals (MDT’s)
Security & Safety Systems
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems
  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Obstacle detection systems
  • Vehicle sirens
  • Security lighting
  • Vehicle sensor systems
Electrical Systems (low to high voltage)
  • Cable and wire testing
  • Cable fault locating
  • High potential testing
  • Wiring and pulling cable
  • Cable & wire terminating, connecting and repair
  • Infrared thermography
  • Traction power
  • Signal transmission

Communication Systems

  • Computer-aided dispatch /automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) systems
  • Supervisory control centers
  • Mobile data terminals
  • Wireless RF communication systems
  • Two-way radio, microwave, wireless Ethernet, spread spectrum
  • Fiber optic and copper cable networks
  • SONET, SDH, T-1, LAN’s, WAN’s, coaxial cable, structured cable systems
  • Telecommunication systems

System Design and Integration

Intelect offers project management services. These include technical and program consultation, inspection services, detailed review of submittals during the preliminary design review and critical design review stages of the contract, project oversight and responses to routine monthly project reports, any special reports of unplanned events, and review of normal contractual Contract Document

Requirements List (CDRL) deliverables

We provide engineering design, validation of equipment, system deliverables including invoice submissions, warranties and service agreements. Intelect includes the customer in all levels of development as the project design process moves forward. This allows the customer to monitor progress and address issues as they develop.

Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance not only ensures systems will work when they are needed, it also cuts downtime, maintains high levels of performance, and enhances the life of equipment. Regular service and maintenance also ensures continuing specialist attention to the often complex and fast-changing requirements of safety legislation.

Intelect Corporation offers a choice of maintenance agreements that can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Learn more about all aspects of our maintenance services.

Troubleshooting and Repair

A high percentage of systems disruption is related to connectivity problems with voice, data, signal, and video transmissions. A properly structured troubleshooting and repair plan executed by well-trained engineers and technicians will provide reliable performance and investment protection for your company. Our personnel are trained on a wide range of products used in our industry.

For example, we understand industry structured cabling standards. We can test, troubleshoot, and maintain your existing cable systems. Intelect has invaluable experience in diagnosing and “cleaning up” shoddy, non-working and intermittent cable systems. We design and engineer complete end-to-end structured cabling systems to meet any communications need. Hiring the right company to check and maintain your wiring systems can save huge sums of money.

Our wide experience in the electronic systems integration field makes us the perfect choice to provide an integrated solutions for your business – especially when critical systems including signaling, power, communications, life safety, and security systems are concerned. Call Intelect at 410-327-0020 to find out how we can assist you!

Systems Testing and Inspection

Today the success of a successful manufacturer relies heavily on its competitiveness and efficiency -at Intelect we help you do exactly that! Whether it’s intelligent transportation systems (ITS), CAD/AVL Systems, security systems, telecommunications systems, obstacle detectiondevices, or fiber optic and copper cable networks, Intelect considers quality to be a major competitive edge.

We maintain quality through our test and inspection services. Intelect Corporation provides a range of test and inspection services to reduce risk and increase overall success in the product, service or systems you provide. Call Intelect to perform all your systems and inspection.

Kit Design and Fabrication

There is a growing need in the industry to install complex equipment at customer-owned locations, vehicles, and facilities to improve operational efficiencies. These installations may require robust electrical/electronic assemblies to be installed in customized kits. The kit could consist of some form of mounting plates, in either a rack/cabinet or enclosure with electronic or mechanical components, mounted with all the necessary hardware, wiring harnesses, plugs and socket connections. These kits must be well designed in regard to electrical and environmental factors such as form, fit, and function, yet at the same time, must be easy to install and fault-free.

An important part of design is to establish a “stable” of readily available kit components, such as plug shell inserts and components that are equivalent in reliability to, for example, Mil-Spec designs, but less costly and designed for heavy-duty commercial use.

A second feature of kit design is the need for proper kit assembly techniques and quality control. Most systems are designed to allow simple module replacement in the event of a system component failure, to reduce down time for the user. Accordingly, kit assembly and fabrication requires a high degree of quality work and quality control.

Intelect Corporation provides complete design and fabrication services for installation kits. We work with you to provide rugged, reliable, and cost effective kits. Our in-house services include custom cable assemblies, custom metal design, and procurement, component assembly, and testing. Skilled Intelect product managers, engineers and technicians perform fabrication and assembly at our premises.

IT Support

  • Project management
  • Network administration
  • Database administration
  • Systems integration
  • Data archiving
  • Data analysis
  • Data processing and off-site archiving

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Our dedicated staff installs and commissions a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, adhering to the appropriate quality and industry standards. We ensure that each system is configured in accordance with our customer’s requirements, and that clear operating instructions are given once installed.

Once the appropriate system is designed and ordered, the installation is promptly scheduled by our technical team managers. If prototype systems are to be installed, Intelect works with the Client to install the prototype till acceptance test procedures are conducted for proper operability. Remaining systems installation are completed after client approvals are received. Additionally, all installations are documented, and detailed information is maintained in the Intelect database for service history and management use.

Downtime can have a significant effect on the operation of any business. Minimize your outages by choosing from a comprehensive range of preventative maintenance and support contracts that deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

Intelect has systems specialists who conduct complete on-site needs and loss prevention analysis. Benefiting from many years of experience and the success we’ve had in thousands of applications, we can design a system for any size systems application.

Our certified technical installation facilitates the entire installation process. Our commitment to quality installations has made us #1 in customer satisfaction year after year.

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Documentation and Manuals

Regardless of the scope or complexity of a project, quality control in documentation is critical for proper management and project implementation. Whether the project requires an Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) Manual or must meet critical design review list (CDRL) requirements, you require uniformity and quality standards in documentation to ensure  your project’s successful completion. Intelect has developed standardized documentation procedures to verify that every detail of a project has been addressed, and potential errors or associated problems are avoided.

Documentation includes:
  • Initial assessments and systems surveys
  • Meeting reports
  • Technical and administrative recommendations
  • Design reviews
  • Specification development
  • Evaluations and negotiations
  • Recommendations for awards
  • Project management and project scheduling, implementation
  • Test and optimization
  • Systems acceptance
  • Training
  • Final system documentation
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Final close-out reports

Computer Drafting

Intelect provides AutoCAD and Visio drawing services with the highest quality of product for its clients. We understand customer schedules and work with client requirements. Intelect will collaborate with you from conception to implementation to the final as-built drawing stage.


Intelect’s training enables the end-user to understand and operate the systems you have implemented. These sessions may cover topics such as: systems and equipment use, installation methods, preventative maintenance, operations procedures, quality control methods, testing, troubleshooting at the systems level, warranty procedures, software configuration and use, equipment upgrades, systems integration, and other issues required to maintain proper system operation.

These training services are professionally developed with Intelect personnel along with the customer. Customer input in the development of the training sessions and material produces informative class and hands-on sessions and total understanding of the course. Classes are intended to be highly interactive and can be conducted to meet your unique requirements. Intelect staff can customize the classes to train the trainer, directly train the users, or, provide an overview for large audiences with users, as well as, supervisor personnel. Classes and seminars are modified to accommodate the variety of specific personnel needs of Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Administrative and other staff.

Intelect supplies the necessary handouts, overheads, powerpoint presentations, wire diagram schematics, user manuals and equipment reference materials. Intelect can personalize material for you to include names, locations, administrative instructions and other specific details.

Intelect will, upon request, use hands-on techniques to familiarize end users with actual equipment prior to full operation of these systems. To perform their assignment efficiently, the Intelect training staff closely follows the implementation process to understand the installation, equipment operation, and maintenance aspects of your system.

Leasing Service

Intelect Corporation offers its clients many options to lease equipment and services.

Secured Operations & Equipment Storage

Intelect Corporation offers administrative, service workshop, operations, and warehouse properties totaling approximately 50,000 square feet. The warehouse/storage facility has over a half million cubic feet of storage space in a secured concrete, brick and steel structure with barbed wire fencing and security alarm systems along with a state of the art digital surveillance system. Based on a modular floor plan, the building can accommodate a variety of manufacturing, equipment storage and industrial workshop requirements. Located in the Brewer’s Hill area of Historic Canton, the facilities are situated close to major highways (I-95, I-895, I-695, I-83, I-97, I-70), the world famous Inner Harbor, major shipping and cargo rail transportation lines, as well as being in close proximity to several large metropolitan areas. Intelect can offer space for lease within these facilities. Please contact us for further information.

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As an added benefit to our customers,  Intelect Corporation provides several levels of warranty service on systems installation work, depending upon customer needs.  Warranty service can be tailored for specific requirements and may also be combined with routine maintenance work.  This ensures continued operability and systems optimization for the length of the warranty.  Warranties on equipment will be issued by the Original Equipment Manufacturers and vary according to each OEM.

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