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Flat Car Platform

The World’s Most Optimized Tunnel Installations Using Our Patented Systems

As demand for communications in tunnels has grown, cable installations and critical support are more important than ever. Only Intelect can provide the incredible efficiencies from patented systems, processes, and productivity techniques developed and perfected over a decade of  systems implementation in tunnels.While increased usage is great news for transportation and construction companies, it also requires even more rigorous safety procedures. And your organization is most likely striving to bolster your bottom line by improving productivity and efficiency as well.

Discover the Innovative Intelect Flat Car Platform

The patented Intelect Flat Car Platform provides you with a self-contained mobile working environment for a faster and more cost-effective installations, while maintaining the highest levels of worker safety. The platform can be mounted on a many different vehicles and moved easily into a tunnel environment. This work train can then be positioned to give your workers close-up access to tunnel walls and ceilings for installation of a wide variety of products including conduit, cabling, electrical and lighting systems, and communications equipment.  The work train can also be used for concrete repair, tunnel washing, and much more.  In fact, the Flat Car Platform can be customized to meet your needs.

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Moving Far Beyond the Push Cart

See how the Intelect Flat Car Platform can help your business:

  • Safety: Workers lifting equipment, moving ladders, dropping cable or stepping near the third rail are an accident waiting to happen. The Intelect work train lifts them above the third rail.
  • Efficiency: Now you can move equipment and people much more quickly and easily, and reduce set-up time.
  • Productivity: your team will get much more completed each day when moving as a group down a tunnel.

Train Tunnels and More

The Intelect Flat Car Platform has been used most frequently in train tunnels, but can be adapted to many different installation sites. You may be surprised at all the applications for the Flat Car Platform!



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