Intelect Corporation Communications System Design and Execution

FM Rebroadcasting

Ensuring Strong FM Signal In Your Tunnel

Keep travelers in your tunnel happy and ensure you have a medium to communicate important public service announcements with Intelect’s reliable and high-performing FM Rebroadcasting system.  It uses radiating cable to allow passengers to continue listening to their favorite FM station inside the tunnel, but allows Transportation authorities the ability to override existing programming in cases of important traffic, emergency, or homeland security updates.


System Features

Take a closer look at the Intelect FM Rebroadcasting System:

  • Rebroadcast multiple frequencies in the complete FM range
  • Sufficient signal for motorist reception
  • Pre-programmed emergency messages possible
  • Ability to schedule messages and  monitor a recorded message (may require additional software development)
  • Immediate voice override of emergency message
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Multi-level administrative control structure
  • Highly secure system, with easy-to-use control features
  • Flexible architecture that permits it to be used beyond tunnels in applications such as in-building signaling

Product Details

The FM Rebroadcasting system integrates several products to ensure peak performance of your rebroadcasting system.

  • Installed conductor cables, connectors and hangers
  • Head-end equipment
    • Choose from many WISI options from industry leader Sunnisky
    • Rack cabinet manages all electronics while making equipment accessible
      • Chassis with capacity to hold up to 10 cards; also includes DC power supply and splitters
      • Audio server
      • Cisco switch

Engineer, Implement and Maintain

As always, Intelect can handle some or all of your radio rebroadcasting needs. We can engineer and design your system, work with you on a custom set of products if you prefer, perform all installation and testing, and maintain your system throughout its useful life.

Keep the users of your tunnel happy and safe with RF Rebroadcasting!

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