Intelect Corporation Communications System Design and Execution

Outdoor LED Lighting

Intelect Corporation introduced the world’s first patented integrated LED light, sensor and communications system.

Businesses looking for a revolutionary light emitting diode (LED) solutions must consider Intelect Corporation.  Intelect Corporation has full design and installation capabilities for your LED lights and video surveillance requirements. Each client has specific needs and the system is capable of fulfilling those requests as a stand-alone system or being integrated into an existing environment. We want to help you reduce your energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gasses and other pollutants, save you labor costs, reduce cooling costs and improve productivity overall. All of this comes with an incomparable financial rate of return. Sustainability is a cornerstone of Intelect, which takes continuous steps to make its business more ecological.









This lighting system is a proven industry leader dedicated to developing and delivering superior-quality, American-made LED lighting systems and solutions. Among the various things that make our company stand out amongst the competitors is our immaculate customer service. The team at Intelect Corporation is known for its professionalism, hands-on and detail oriented approach and we understand that the choices businesses make effect not only people today but the future generations as well. Businesses can make sure that the quality of the solutions received for their industrial and commercial spaces are designed for sustainability, reliability and durability.