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Intelligent Control & Display

The New Remote RF Monitoring and Alarm System

Intelect’s new patent-pending Intelligent Control and Display (ICAD) is an alarm and monitoring system that provides real-time quantitative remote monitoring for all active and passive elements of UHF, SMR and public safety communications systems.

The ICAD system monitors both the uplink and downlink performance of conventional and trunk radio communication systems on a channelized basis, collecting information at a central location so authorized users can access it via a web browser.

ICAD System Overview

This incredible suite of software and devices communicates with multi-band sensors distributed throughout the network to understand the status and health of your UHF or public safety system. See how you can maintain your network’s peak performance from your desk using ICAD:

  • Uniquely monitor, measure, report, and control RF signals, alarms, ambient temperature readings, voltages, current, I/O’s and other key parameters
    • The system evaluates performance against a standard and issues alarms when required
  • Control the operational frequency in the sensors from a remote server
  • Remotely manage and troubleshoot your network
  • Configure your network to self-heal based upon specific parameters
  • Manage both uplink and downlink communications on a channelized basis
  • Support maintenance and installation activities
  • View an audit log of all configuration changes made by your users

ICAD System Components

The following products are integrated into your ICAD System: each device is remotely configurable,

Remote Sensors

Remote sensors are situated through the network at locations where it monitors and reports the status of that node. The sensors receive their instructions and respond over the network through a radio link.

Features and Benefits
  • Tri-band – 490 MHz, 700 MHz and 800 MHz
  • Remotely controlled
  • Accurate receiver – synthesized
  • Calibrated uplink transmitter
  • Stable frequency operation
  • Narrow bandwidth
  • Unique address
  • Small Size: 4.7” x 3.7” x 1.25”
  • Addressable over RF Link
  • Downloadable firmware provides ease of upgrading
  • Maintains operating conditions in event of power outage
  • RF test port
  • Passes messages to external devices, providing alarm and control
Typical Performance
RF Frequency Bands 489 to 500 MHz; 760 to 806 MHz; 800: 806 to 869 MHz
Through Path Insertion Loss 0.4 dB
Test Port 40 dB below Through Path
Frequency Resolution < 1 kHz
Receiver Sensitivity -65 dBm
Transmit Power Level Programmable (fixed & variable levels)
Data Communications RS-232 4800 Baud
USB Interface Test and Maintenance
Parallel Interface DB-15
Activity Indicator LED for each band
Serialization Unique Address
Size 4.7” x 3.7” x 1.25”
RF Connectors Type N
Operating Temp. Range – 10°F to 120°F
Power Requirements < 1 watts
Operating Voltage 12 to 30 VDC
Ordering Information

Model Number: IC-RSU-01

Gain Controllers

The Gain controller is available in two models: the UHF unit can control the RF gain on four independent circuits, while the 800 MHz model can control the gain of two independent circuits using  a RS-232 interface with a remote sensor.  The uplink paths in both models use a low noise amplifier preceding the attenuator to improve the noise figure.  In addition to providing control over the gain, the microcontroller can report the status of both internal and external alarms. In the event of a power failure, the startup conditions will be restored from a EEPROM.

Features and Benefits
  • Up to four Independent Gain Paths
  • Gain controlled in 0.5 dB Steps
  • High Dynamic RangeGain Control via RS-232
  • Operates from 400 to 900 MHz
  • Provides Alarm Status
  • EPROM based – restores normal
Typical Performance
RF Frequency Band 400 MHz to 900 MHz
Downlink Path Gain -2 to -33 dB in ½ dB StepsThis Order Intercept Point +40 dBm
Uplink Path Gain +8 to -22 dB
Noise Figure 4 dB at Max gain
Third Order Intercept Point +24 dBm
Status Reporting Four (4) External Alarms
Four(4) Analog Internal Alarms
One (1) Analog External Alarm
Data Communications RS-232 2400 Baud
Operating Temperature Range – 10°F to 120°F
Power Requirements < 2 Watts15 to 30 VDC or 16 VAC @ 60 Hz
Physical Requirements 2.5” x 8” x 6”Captive Cables with SMA ConnectorsControl Connector DB9Status Cable DB15

AC Input – Jack

DC Input – Jack

LED (Green) – Power

LED (Red) – DC Power Fail

Ordering Information

Model Number for SMR: IC-GCM-02

Model Number for UHF: IC-GCM-04

RF Controllers

The RF Controller is a bi-directional device whose primary function is to translate Ethernet messages from the ICAD Server to bi-directional RF signals that communicate with the remote sensors.  The RF Controller is band-specific and is available to operate in either the UHF or the SMR band.

The RF Controller is available in two output configurations:

  • Single connector for both uplink and downlink (typically off air interfaces)
  • Individual uplink and downlink connectors (typically for fiber optic interfaces)

The RF Controller is available as a rack mounted unit or as a wall mounted unit.

Features and Benefits
  • Tri-band – 490 MHz, 700 MHz and 800 MHz
  • Remotely controlled
  • Accurate receiver – synthesized
  • Downlink transmitter
  • Stable frequency operation
  • Narrow bandwidth
  • Unique address
  • IP addressable
  • Downloadable firmware
  • Maintains operating conditions in event of power outage
  • Passes messages to external devices
RF Bands 489-500 MHz; 760-806 MHz; 806-869 MHz
Frequency Control Remotely Programmable
Frequency Resolution <1 KHz
Frequency Accuracy 2.5 ppm
Downlink Output Level No internal amp – up to + 3 dBm
Internal Amp.-up to + 16 dBm
Uplink Sensitivity -110 dBm @ 20 kHz BW
RF Interface
Separate Uplink/Downlink Two RF Connectors
Combined Uplink/Downlink Single RF Connector
Data Communications Ethernet
Operating Temperature Range 0°F to 120°F
Power Requirements < 10 watts
129 VAC 50-60 Hz
Physical – Two Configuration 19” Rack Mount, 3.5” H x 16” D
Type SMA Connectors
Wall Mount 16” x 16” x 8”
Type N Connectors


Ordering Information
Rack Mount-Separate DL & UL IC-RFC-UHF-RS IC-RFC-SMR-RS
Wall Mount-Separate  DL & UL IC-RFC-UHF-WS IC-RFC-SMR-WS

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