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Worker Protection Systems

Keep Railway Workers Safe from Harm

Worker safety is a critical priority for railroads today.  Not only do the transportation organizations care deeply about their employees, but also they must follow very stringent safety standards for their operations. They make every effort to educate their workers and offer the best rail safety systems physically possible, but still must face the tragedy of maintenance workers or inspectors being struck and killed by trains.


Challenges with Wayside Worker Protection

Even with all the safety precautions being taken to prevent railway accidents, incidents still occur. Often the leading contributor is the loud and chaotic environment that develops in maintenance shutdowns that require heavy and noisy machinery. Workers are attempting to perform their assigned tasks in less than pristine conditions and can become distracted and not hear an approaching train or vehicle. Still another contributing factor is urban sprawl. With more people living close to tunnel portals, some safety measures such as requiring a train to sound a horn before entering a tunnel have been curtailed – and while this minimizes the effects on local residents, it puts workers near tunnel portals at greater risk.

Intelect Wayside Worker Protection

Our new system adds an additional layer of safety for workers by detecting an approaching train or vehicle and providing a warning in time for workers to seek a safe location. These warning alarms consist of beeping horns and flashing lights within the tunnel, with additional lights at the tunnel portal.

The system is built on a proprietary, integrated solution that uses sensors to detect the presence of the trains and a controller that collects this data to monitor the progress of the train. The controller uses this information to activate the warning alarms in a timely fashion. The result: faster, more reliable, more effective notification to your workers, and fewer tragedies on the tracks.

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