Intelect Corporation Communications System Design and Execution


Automatic Computer-Aided Design Software

Networking and systems projects often require you to have a graphical representation of the key components: the building layout, where equipment goes, location of electrical and telecom stations and many more. An auto computer-aided design package can be a great solution, but at a steep price.

Outsource Your AutoCAD Needs to Intelect

AutoCAD drawingWhy invest in expensive and complex AutoCAD software, especially if your projects are relatively infrequent? Intelect has the range of AutoCAD designs for virtually all your systems projects, and the expertise to get you the schematics, structural drawings, presentations and other output you need. We can help guide your project in the following design areas:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Architectural

AutoCAD Capabilities

Intelect’s AutoCAD service offering  can show you a blueprint of the building, direct you to the best location for cable, clips and cameras, or provide documentation for your engineers or your clients. You can use the online presentation to zoom in on key parts of the drawings, see geometric dimensions or other key details. The service is equally effective on buildings, tunnels or sites shot from the air, and works for demolition planning as well. And the AutoCAD conforms to the ANC and ANCS standards.

Take advantage of powerful AutoCAD services – but without the expense of purchasing and training. Contact Intelect today at 410-327-0020 or by email. We look forward to assisting with your next project!