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Energy Savings Company

Let Us Help YOU Save Money on Your Energy

Intelect is proud to be an independent energy savings company. We bring years of experience in engineering, implementing, and maintaining complex electrical systems to the cutting edge of energy saving technologies. From efficient and intelligent lighting systems, to using cutting edge direct current source technologies, to integration of traditional green energy solutions – we can implement low cost solutions for a better future for all.
The benefit of being an independent energy savings company is that we are not tied to a specific manufacturer or utility. Our sole goal is to help you save the most money possible.


Too Good To Be True?

You’ve probably heard that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is – Well in this case it’s not. Intelect has the ability to design and implement a number of energy conservation measures (ECMs) along with green energy solutions to help you start saving money immediately. In some cases with no money out of pocket.
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