Intelect Corporation Communications System Design and Execution

Consulting Services

Engineering Services

When you face business challenges that require technical solutions, the engineers and technicians at Intelect Corporation can understand your opportunity or problem, determine the best plan of action, draft the technical design, and ensure proper implementation.

Collaborative Development

For your telecommunications, ITS, video surveillance & security, IT or electrical project, you can count on Intelect’s highly trained and certified staff with  decades of combined experience for innovative ideas and flawless execution. We provide engineering design, validation of equipment, system deliverables including invoice submissions, warranties and service agreements. Intelect includes you in all levels of development as the project design process moves forward. This allows you to monitor progress and address issues as they develop.

Project Management

Intelect offers a full range of project management services: technical and program consultation, inspection services, and detailed analysis during the preliminary design review and critical design review stages of the contract. We also provide project oversight and responses to monthly project reports, any special reports of unplanned events, and review of normal Contract Document Requirements List (CDRL) deliverables.


Regardless of the scope or complexity of your project, quality control in documentation is critical for effective management and project implementation. Whether the project requires an Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) Manual or must meet Critical Design Review list (CDRL) requirements, you need uniformity and quality standards in documentation. Intelect’s standardized documentation procedures verify every detail of a project and keep your project error-free.

Documentation covers the range of your project needs: from initial assessments and systems surveys to close-out reports, we provide meeting reports, technical and administrative recommendations, design reviews, spec development, evaluations, test and systems acceptance results, training documents, final system documentation, and warranty and maintenance preparation.

Spec Documentation

Do you have a plan to ensure that your specification document describes the value of your system to a vendor while still permitting a cost-effective solution? Intelect has decades of experience which have made us experts in understanding the functional needs and requirements for complex systems. Through surveys, interviews, research, inventory verification, analysis and our unique “quality control and sense rating,” we develop a detailed report for your review. Only after your approval do we create a spec document that’s legal, technically precise, and detailed for accurate bidding, while avoiding non-competitive elements

Innovative Product Development

Our engineering expertise is evident in another of Intelect’s unique strengths: intellectual property and custom product development.  Our engineers have devised several patented and patent-pending products based on two primary inputs: technology breakthroughs from the Intelect team, and suggestions from our customers.  Take a closer look at these engineering breakthroughs:

Patented Products

  • Bio security token exclusive license
  • Video enhancement technology: exclusive license
  • Work platform patent license from related party
  • Intelligent Control and Display: Remote RF Monitoring and Alarm System

Innovative New Products