Intelect Corporation Communications System Design and Execution

Warehousing and Logistics Services

Secure Storage, Monitoring, Controlled Access, and Reliable Receiving and Shipping

warehouse worker on forkliftComplex networking projects require more than high-caliber design and leading products. Behind the scenes, no big systems job can succeed without secure storage facilities, effective inventory planning and management, and excellent logistics. Intelect is proud to offer you these critical services, and more.

Warehousing Expertise

warehouse worker stocking shelvesIntelect is committed to supporting your telecom, ITS, IT, electrical or security project with superior warehousing capabilities. You can rest assured that your products will be well-managed, monitored and available at our 32,000 square foot facility in Baltimore. Need even more room due to a major tower or electrical job? No problem – we’ll set up a virtual warehouse for you!

Take a closer look at the advantages of Intelect’s warehousing services:

  • Safe and secure storage facility
  • 24-hour video monitoring
    • Real-time access Monday-Friday during business hours
    • Fast access to video recorded during weekend or evening
    • Every inch of the facility is under surveillance
    • Tightly controlled access to your products
    • Customized inventory process for your project
      • Intelect project manager works with you to define business rules: who gets access and when, QA requirements and more
      • You help us set up your project cage
      • If you need more room than is currently available in our facility, we’ll lease extra space and manage the process for you

Logistics Services

Work train over the PotomacIn addition to Intelect’s warehousing services, we also provide the key logistical expertise that ensures your products are received quickly and delivered to the right place at the right time:

  • Highly trained team in receiving and shipping
  • All inbound shipments inspected and counted by Intelect team members only
  • Your merchandise is handled only by authorized Intelect team members from receipt until shipping
  • Your shipments are sent by the carrier offering the most reliability and best price for your destination, chosen from a list of industry leaders and local specialty carriers
    • Can handle any size, shape or weight
    • Custom set of 28 Intelect vehicles designed to handle specific jobs in electrical, telecom, PA/LED and more.
    • Strong international capabilities, exceptional relationships with brokers, and long experience with customs and other paperwork..

Contact us at 410-327-0020 or by email today to take advantage of our warehousing and logistics services!