Intelect Corporation Communications System Design and Execution

In-Building Coverage Solutions

Stay Connected No Matter What Wireless Network You Use

With demand for wireless services continuing to skyrocket, users refuse to accept limits on the performance of their cell phones, laptops or radios due to the constraints of indoor signal propagation. Employees, students and government workers require top-quality coverage and service quality – are you delivering it?

Intelect Wireless Coverage Options

Intelect can enhance your network performance with a wide range of bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs), repeaters and distributed antenna systems (DAS). We can improve coverage for the following types of wireless networks:

  • Cellular/PCS
  • Two-way radio
    • Public safety channels
    • High-speed data: Wi-Fi or other broadband options

Locations for Enhanced Wireless Coverage

We can improve your service in any type of structure, depending on the technology and service quality required. Here are some of the more common locations in which improved wireless signal is critical for data and voice services, including 911 access:

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Plants
  • Government facilities
  • College campuses
  • Buildings under construction (temporary services)
  • Train or bus stations
  • Museums

Coverage Enhancement Services

Improving wireless coverage requires a wide range of skills, and Intelect can provide them all. You’ll need a coverage analysis to know where performance must be improved, and Intelect has the test gear and software required. Once the weak spots are identified, you’ll need engineering and design to plan the signal amplification. Of course, expert installation and testing are mandatory to ensure your system is working as specified. Intelect has proven the value of our surveying, engineering, BDA kitting (shown at left) and installation capabilities with dozens of projects. We welcome the chance to help with your next wireless coverage project.

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