Intelect Corporation Communications System Design and Execution

Public Safety Radio

Enabling Efficient and Reliable Intra- and Inter-agency Communications

When you’re charged with protecting the people and assets in your area, you need reliable voice and data communications, on-demand and in real time. Intelect can develop creative solutions that provide effective and efficient communications for your agency or public safety organization, including interoperability that connects law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, and emergency management agencies.

Public Safety Services from Intelect

Intelect delivers a broad range of services to design and build your public safety network, then keep it running at peak performance. Whether it’s a trunked or simulcast system, an off-air repeater system or any other configuration, you can receive the following   :

  • Propagation analysis
  • Installation, integration and commissioning of base units
  • Tower construction
  • Structured cabling
  • In-building and in-tunnel coverage, include the option of communicating public safety messages using FM rebroadcasting
  • Ability to fill coverage gaps
  • Reprogramming
  • Retrofitting capability

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