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Rail Systems Integrated Solutions

Intelligent Railway Systems

Operating an intelligent railway system takes more than just products and services for telecommunications, electrical, video and security. It also requires the skills to integrate these diverse entities into a broader, well-functioning system. Intelect has proven to have the products, services, experience, and knowledge to make your transit system run smoothly – we’ve been your one-stop shop for 30 years.

Take a look at what Intelect can deliver for you:

  • Revenue Collection:
    • Smart cards
    • Fare gates
    • Ticket vending machines (TVM)
  • Electrical:
    • Cable testing
    • Hipot testing
    • Traction power
  • Telecommunications:Intelect has 30 years of experience installing systems in each of our core competencies. We’ve handled tens of thousands of cameras, and other electronic devices, and delivered access control, public address systems, tunnel networks and overhead station lighting for dozens of customers. Intelect professionals have laid down thousands of miles of copper and fiber cable as well as installing antennas, traction power, UPS, revenue collection, and more. We can assist with your next rail systems project that relies on the following networks:
    • Wireless
    • Wireline
    • Radio
    • Fiber optic
    • SCADA
    • Network Management through ICAD


  • Safety, Security and Video Surveillance

    • PA Systems
    • CCTV
    • Access Control
    • Passenger Information Systems

Intelect – Complete Transit System Innovation

Intelect can handle the engineering and design for your project, perform all the installation and other implementation steps, and then manage the maintenance for the long-term health of your system.  We’ve proven our innovation and reliability for 30 years, handling thousands of miles of cable, tens of thousands of cameras, and dozens of new systems and upgrades. What can we do for your railway system?

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