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Telecom Service ProvidersThe telecommunications industry is still moving at light speed, more than a quarter-century after the launch of the first cellular system that began the evolution of the wired phone network to the wireless world that dominates communications today. You need an infrastructure partner with knowledge in all these critical technologies.


Opportunities in Telecommunications Infrastructure

In the last decade, the telecom industry has undergone a revolution. Wireless services have become increasingly important as “all-you-can-use” price plans from cellular carriers have driven tremendous growth in voice traffic, often replacing landline phone usage. Massive increases in capacity with the introductions of 3G and now 4G services have dovetailed with the rise of online video, social media and other high-bandwidth applications to require huge network investment by telecom service providers. These shifts have created a major opportunity for Intelect, and we’ve actively pursued more programs with cellular carriers. In 2011, a large portion of Intelect’s revenue comes from the telecom business (including cellular): design, construction and installation of cellular systems, and implementation of radio systems and structured cabling for municipalities and other two-way users

A Single Source for Today’s Wireless and Wired Networks

Wi-Fi, wireless broadband and in-building coverage solutions have moved from niche offerings to the mainstream. Fiber optic usage is skyrocketing as your end users demand faster access to data and video, and other cabling needs are growing in tunnels along with the need to offer coverage in previously unreachable areas. Two-way radio and microwave remain important technologies. Intelect has extensive experience with the engineering, installation and maintenance of all these critical technologies.

Products and Solutions for Telecom Service Providers

Telecommunications Networks and Infrastructure

Microwave Antenna InstallationIntelect provides turnkey design, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of networks for all types of Government organizations. Choose among these options:

  • Cellular/PCS
  • Microwave radio
  • Two-way radio
  • Fiber optic
  • In-building coverage
  • Wi-Fi and wireless broadband
  • Structured cabling for your infrastructure projects in tunnels, outside plant, and in-building.

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Video Surveillance and Security

Intelect has extensive experience in engineering, implementing, and maintaining a wide variety of systems including in the rapidly changing world of video surveillance and security. From basic CCTV to IP-based wireless surveillance to intelligent access control, we can help you improve your organization’s security, safety and efficiency. And our detection systems can help you or your end users manage dangerous chemical and intrusion threats.

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Information Technology (IT) Products, Services and Consulting

Core Competencies for Information TechnologyIntelect can optimize and support your mission-critical applications with our broad range of Information Technology capabilities, services and consulting. We can improve the reliability, availability, and security of your IT network and its many connection points to your other critical systems. Here are the key components of Intelect’s IT offering:

  • Network installation and systems administration
  • Database management
  • Application Integration, Software Project Management, and Middleware Development

Take a closer look at our IT core capabilities and IT consulting services.

Commercial and Industrial  Electrical Services

electricalIntelect provides a wide range of services and solutions for your commercial electrical systems, including new builds and retrofits for electrical infrastructure, and electrical support of fiber and copper networks. We cover:

  • Installation, test and repair of everything from basic wiring, fuse panels, circuit breakers and back-up generators to signals, emergency wayside telephones, public address systems, and tunnel and overhead station lightning.
  • Electrical systems consulting
  • Design and implementation of transportation electrical systems
  • Electrical needs for telecom, wireless, CCTV and card access systems.

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