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Telecommunications, Security, Intelligent Transportation Systems, IT, and Electrical Services from Your Single Source

Government Markets Government needs a wide range of technology so it can do its best work on behalf of the people.  Intelect is a one-stop shop for innovative  telecommunications, video surveillance and security, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), information technology (IT) and electrical systems.

Systems Expertise – and Government Experience

Fortunately, you can count on Intelect to assist with every challenge – we’ve successfully completed hundreds of projects, many requiring significant integration using custom and commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) products  for State, Local, and Federal agencies. We have been working with government entities since 1995, so we not only provide project and technical expertise, we also understand government procurement, processes, procedures and regulatory requirements – all of which help you accomplish your goals most efficiently. Our status as a small business, and DBE/MBE in select areas gives you flexibility in your choice of partners

Products and Solutions for Government

Telecommunications Networks and Infrastructure

Implementation Services - InstallationIntelect provides turnkey design, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of networks for all types of Government organizations. Choose among these options:

  • Cellular/PCS
  • Microwave radio
  • Two-way radio
  • Fiber optics
  • In-building coverage
  • Complete tower construction services
  • Antenna and line
  • Wi-Fi and wireless broadband
  • Structured cabling for your infrastructure projects in tunnels, outside plant, and in-building.

Take a closer look at Intelect’s capabilities in telecommunications infrastructure.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation SystemsWhether you’re managing mobile fleet of buses, trains, subways, trucks, or cars, intelligent technologies can make your network and processes safer and more efficient, and improve your operations and maintenance. They can also enhance service to your end users end bolster your security. Intelect delivers the following ITS options for your operation: smart card solutions, revenue collection, passenger counting systems, computer-aided dispatch, automatic vehicle location (AVL) , electronic message signs, digital video surveillance, and, voice and data communications.

Learn more about our complete Intelligent Transportation Services offering.

Video Surveillance and Security

Intelect has extensive experience in engineering, implementing, and maintaining a wide variety of systems in the rapidly changing world of video surveillance and security. From basic CCTV to IP-based wireless surveillance to intelligent access control, we can help you improve your organization’s security, safety and efficiency. And our detection systems can help you or your end users manage dangerous chemical and intrusion threats.

See how our video surveillance and security options can help your organization.

Information Technology (IT) Products, Services and Consulting

Intelect can optimize and support your mission-critical applications with our Information Technology (IT) capabilities in consulting and support functions. We can improve reliability, availability, and security of your IT network and its many connection points to your other critical systems. Here are the key components of Intelect’s IT offering:

  • Network installation and systems administration
  • Database management
  • Application Integration
  • Software Project Management
  • Middleware Development

Take a closer look at our IT core capabilities and IT consulting services.

Commercial and Industrial  Electrical Services

Electrical pole settingIntelect provides a wide range of services and solutions for your commercial and industrial electrical systems, including new builds and retrofits for electrical infrastructure. We cover:

  • Installation, test and repair of everything from basic wiring, fuse panels, circuit breakers and back-up generators to signals, emergency wayside telephones, public address systems, and tunnel and overhead lightning.
  • Electrical systems consulting
  • Design and implementation of transportation electrical systems
  • Electrical needs for your systems needs including: telecommunications, security and video surveillance, IT, ITS, systems.

Learn more about Intelect’s electrical services.

Featured Solution

Federal Building Energy Efficiency Mandate

Intelect is currently engaged in engineering and installing high-efficiency lighting. With the Federal mandate looming, governments are tasked with saving 30% on their energy usage by 2015.  Intelect can supply, install, maintain and finance whole building/structure high- efficiency lighting solutions. Our solutions come with a minimum 5-year warranty to as high as 10-year warranties. Our packages come with electrical controls for saving even more money; in most cases an additional 50% cost reduction can be achieved by engineering control systems into the initial installation. Given the expense of making the change to high-efficiency lighting, Intelect has excellent financing that in most cases pays for itself over a very short period of time. When you compare the cost savings of going with high-efficiency lighting, you’ll find it pays for new lighting and installation!

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