West Hyattsville (PAWS) Installation Portal Alarm Warning System

Intelect installed a Portal Alarm Warning System in 11 Metro locations. The system was designed to alert people of potential danger and to help protect the safety of employees and customers. Intelect ensures the peace of mind for countless Metro Riders to this day.

Intelect’s system uses motion detectors, audio alarms, and video cameras to detect and deter intruders. The installation process was completed quickly and efficiently, and the system is now operational and providing increased security to many stations. The system is monitored by a central control unit, and all alerts are sent directly to the authorities for quick response.

WMATA Kiosk Equipment Upgrades

Intelect’s Installation and Testing of Transit Kiosk Upgrades, saw 100 upgraded payment terminals and easy RFID Scans to reload metro cards installed at transportation hubs. Our implementation provides ease of movement and payment for millions of riders every single year.

Our terminals employ the latest encryption technology to ensure secure payment transactions and the RFID Scans allow for easy, reliable metro card reloading. The project has enhanced the safety and convenience of the DC Metro Rider Experience.

Installation of New Bus-Tracking Signage

The Installation of New Bus Tracking Signage Project successfully installed new signage on stations in the city. Intelect now provides a more reliable and convenient service for riders and improved ridership through accurate and timely Transit Information.

Intelect carefully placed and secured the signage and ran wiring into the ground. We tested the signage for accuracy before finally connecting it to the WMATA’s tracking system. The bus tracking signage has been reliably working since Intelect’s Installation.

Replacement of Track Circuit & ETS Cable

Intelect replaced existing track circuits and associated cables on railway lines with newer, more reliable versions. This project ensured that railway lines remain safe and efficient, and that the critical signaling and communication systems are kept up to date.

We replaced the existing track circuit and ETS cables with new ones, which enhanced the railway track performance. An advanced testing system was used to ensure successful installation of the new cables and track circuits, improving reliability and safety for commuters.

Pentagon Metro Station Chemical Sensor Replacement

We replaced old chemical sensors with state-of-the-art systems allowing for more precise and accurate detection of chemical compounds. The sensors allowed for more efficient and accurate tracking of chemical levels, ensuring that personnel had the most up-to-date information and allowing them to respond to any changes in a timely manner.

Our sensors were installed in several locations throughout the facility, allowing for a wide range of readings. The sensors were connected to a central system, which enabled the monitoring of chemical levels and the alerting of personnel in case of any changes.

Baltimore Link Improvements Ancillary

Our project improved accessibility and safety for commuters by repairing sidewalks and curbs, painting designated parking spaces, and installing concrete pathways in a Bus Stop and Parking Lot. Improving accessibility and safety for commuters.

Intelect installed and repaired concrete in various areas. In total, over 4,500 square feet of concrete was laid, walkways and driveways were paved, and parking spaces were striped. The project also included adding a bus stop and an accessible sidewalk, as well as repairing existing concrete in the parking lot. All of the improvements improved the safety of the area, as well as its overall aesthetic.

Communications Control Panels (CCP) on WMATA Metro Rail Cars

Intelect Installed panels with multiple communication ports and a secure, high-speed Ethernet connection that allows the station to communicate with the rail cars in real time, including the ability to send commands, receive status updates and monitor performance.

The panels are equipped with advanced control systems and communication hardware, allowing for secured wireless communications between the rail cars and the control center. This system provides real-time data and information to the control center regarding the status of the train, location, and speed. The installation of the panels has improved the safety and reliability of the metro rail cars, and has allowed for better operational efficiency.

WMATA Stations Coverage – Phase II

Intelect installed cellular coverage equipment in metro stations. This included the installation of base transceiver stations, antennas and other related equipment, to provide improved coverage for mobile devices in the area.

Intelect installed equipment in 11 WMATA Metro Stations. To ensure maximum coverage, Intelect strategically placed the antennas and repeaters in areas with the best signal strength. Furthermore, the equipment was equipped with the latest technology to provide clear connections with minimal interference. This project allowed commuters to stay connected while travelling and improved the overall customer experience.

Fiberglass Conduit Installation

Intelect completed a project to install DC Metro fiberglass conduit installation. This included the installation of fiberglass pipes and associated fittings and accessories in order to facilitate the transfer of telecommunications and data signals.

Intelect installed fiberglass conduit in a large commercial building. The conduit was used to run electrical and telecommunications cables. The conduit was specially designed to be fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant. To ensure the conduit was securely installed and flush with the wall, Intelect used specialized fasteners and sealant. The conduit was then sealed and tested for air and water tightness, and all joints were secured with heavy duty tape. The entire installation process was completed in a timely manner with minimal disruption to commuters.

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Roof-Mount Solar System

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital hired Intelect to install a roof-mounted solar system. This system helps reduce energy costs and provides clean, renewable energy for the hospital. This system will provide a large portion of the hospital’s energy needs, helping to reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint and create a healthier environment for staff and patients.

Intelect provided installation services, as well as ongoing maintenance and repair services. The system was installed on the roof of the hospital, and generates enough power to meet the hospital’s needs. The system is also designed to be easily expandable if the hospital’s energy needs increase. Intelect provides St. Elizabeth’s Hospital with clean, renewable energy to this day.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure at all WMATA Metro Stations

Intelect performed surveys, designs, and installation of conduit and cabling infrastructure for Wi-Fi improvements throughout the WMATA system.

This project was complex due to the variety of tasks involved. Surveys had to be conducted to assess the needs of each site, designs created to determine the best placement of the infrastructure, and installation of the conduit and cabling to connect the Wi-Fi system to the network. Additionally, since this was a public transit system, there were a variety of safety and security issues that had to be addressed.

IDIQ Security Systems

Providing engineering services WMATA to design/engineer and install over 800 POE CCTV cameras and network switches, fiber optic and copper cabling in more than 30 indoor and outdoor train stations

This project required complex coordination with WMATA staff and the local government to ensure all safety protocols and codes were met. The end result was a safe, efficient, and reliable system that met the needs of WMATA and the local community.

Repair/Replacement of Metro Heavy Rail Traction Power Substations

Inspecting, repairing, and field testing 16 existing traction power substations of the Metro Heavy Rail System in Baltimore, MD.

Intelect inspected, repaired, and field tested  existing traction power substations for the Metro Heavy Rail System in Baltimore, MD. The project involved a thorough inspection of each substation, including all power and control systems, equipment, and the overall structural integrity of the substations. After the inspection, any necessary repairs were made, and the substations were tested in the field to ensure their functionality. Intelect provided preventive maintenance services and training for the staff responsible for the substations. The Metro Heavy Rail System is now running more efficiently and reliably than ever before.

Various Schools in Washington D.C. – Roof-Mount and Canopy-Mount Solar Systems

Intelect worked on a portfolio of solar projects in schools in the DC region, provided consulting and skilled labor management support to deploy and install roof-mount solar panel systems, and performed all work included the installation of mounts, cabling, inverters, subpanels, electrical-tie ins, and close-out.

Intelect provided consulting and skilled labor management support to deploy and install roof-mount solar panel systems. All work included the installation of mounts, cabling, inverters, subpanels, electrical-tie ins, and close-out. Our work was completed without disrupting regular school times, providing clean energy for Staff and Students alike.

Exelon Headquarters – Low Voltage Systems, Cabling, Security (CCTV, Access Control)

As a subcontractor, Intelect performed the installation of low-voltage cabling to the office and penthouse units of the Exelon HQ building located in downtown Baltimore. This work included the installation of CAT6 cable, terminations, labeling, and testing to certify the installation met the project standards to support any and all of Exelon’s communications needs.

Intelect installed CAT6 cables, terminations, labeling, and testing to certify the installation met the project standards. The cable installation was performed in both the office and penthouse units of the building, ensuring that every corner of the building was equipped with the latest, most reliable cabling technology. The results of our work speak for themselves.

DC Breaker Refurbishment

Intelect provided electrical expertise to consult in the development of an upgrade project initiative by the MTA to refurbish breakers, saving the agency and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Intelect provided electrical expertise to consult in the development of an upgrade project initiative by the MTA. The project consisted of refurbishing breakers to ensure they were operating efficiently and safely. Intelect provided advice on how to maximize the lifespan of the breakers, reduce the cost of maintenance, and improve the safety of the system. This project initiative has improved the MTA’s electrical system and has ultimately benefitted the agency and its customers.

Homeland Security Systems Upgrades at Several Metro Stations

Intelect installed security systems upgrades to several metro stations, including monitoring cameras. The upgrades improved the safety of riders by providing better security, deterring crime, and allowing for quick responses to suspicious activity.

Intelect Corporation completed a project to install security system upgrades at several metro stations across the city. The project included the installation of a variety of modern security systems such as high-definition cameras, motion sensors, and access control systems. We provide both passengers and employees with a greater sense of safety and security. Additionally, our systems are designed to be easily maintained and upgraded in the future, ensuring the metro stations will remain secure for years to come.

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Upgraded Radio Systems in the Fort McHenry and Harbor Tunnels

Intelect upgraded radio systems in Fort McHenry and the Harbor Tunnels. The installation included new antennas and radio equipment, as well as cabling and power supplies. The project was completed in January 2015 and was the largest radio system installation and maintenance project in the history of the Maryland Transportation Authority.

The project involved the installation and maintenance of upgraded radio systems in the Fort McHenry Tunnel and Harbor Tunnels.  The project included the installation of new radios, repeaters, antennas and other equipment, as well as the maintenance and repair of existing radio systems. The project also included the installation of a new wireless network, which allowed for improved communications and data transmission. Our new radio system provides improved safety and efficiency for the tunnels.

Maryland Transit Administration Digital and Equipment Systems Engineering Consulting Services

Intelect surveyed, designed, and implemented the necessary electrical provisioning for the installation of conduits and cabling infrastructure to support a new mesh network of Access Points used to improve bus operations and communications.

We surveyed, designed and implemented the electrical provisioning for the network. This involved not only the installation of conduits and cabling infrastructure, but also the necessary power sources, power distribution, and protection of the cables and systems. Intelect dealt with the complex mesh network of Access Points which required additional cabling and power sources to ensure the system was reliable and secure.

Georgetown University – Parking Gates and Vehicular Access Control Systems

Intelect consulted and advised the purchase of specialized system equipment and performed the installation of a RFID verification tag scanning system to provide enhanced security at Georgetown’s downtown campus.

We installed modern, high-tech systems that use RFID technology to provide secure access to parking areas. The system also tracks the entry and exit of vehicles, allowing for improved traffic monitoring and better utilization of parking resources. The installation of these systems also enabled the university to better manage the flow of vehicles on campus, improving safety and security for students, faculty, and visitors of Georgetown University.

Intelect required a deep understanding of the client’s security needs, the capabilities of the system, the complexities of the installation process, and the potential interoperability issues. Additionally, it required working with vendors to ensure the system integration was properly implemented and that the system was properly tested and certified.

Amazon Fulfillment Warehouses (BWI2 & BWI5) Roof Mount Solar Systems

Intelect completed the warehousing, staging, and installation of a 15,000+ installation of solar panels and subpanel connections for a state-of-the-art roof-mount solar system at Amazon’s regional warehouses in Baltimore, MD.

Intelect coordinated multiple components of the installation, including the solar panels, subpanel connections, and roof-mount system, and the installation of the 15,000+ solar panels.

HUB Parking – BWI Airport Parking and Revenue Collection System

As a subcontractor, we performed equipment installation including the installation of trenched conduits, kiosk modifications, and device configuration to support a new parking system used at all parking lots at BWI Airport.

Intelect installed trenched conduits, kiosk modifications, and device configuration to support the new system. The installation was coordinated across all parking lots at BWI Airport and had to adhere to safety and security regulations, it was completed quickly to minimize disruption to airport operations.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure at all WMATA Metro Stations

Intelect Corporation completed a project to install Wi-Fi infrastructure in all Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metro Stations. The project involved the installation of over 200 access points, as well as the necessary network switches, routers, and supporting cabling.

This project provided passengers with reliable, high-speed wireless access throughout the entire Metro system. In addition, the implementation of a new network monitoring system ensured that all network elements were monitored and maintained in optimal condition. This project made WMATA one of the most technologically advanced public transportation systems in the world.

With the new infrastructure in place, passengers can now stay connected while waiting for the metro, or even while traveling between stations. This project has improved the customer experience for all WMATA passengers, making it easier for them to stay connected while on the go.

EZPass Equipment Installation at all Maryland Toll Plazas

Intelect performed management, engineering, and staging tasks, as well as performing on-site installation and connections prior to the EZ-Pass Vehicle Tolling System. Intelect’s electricians safely completed this work under very restrictive customer conditions and within the hazardous environment of working on active highways.

In 2018 the Maryland Board of Public Works approved a major contract for the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) to develop and operate the third generation of its electronic toll collection system. The $71.9 million construction contract for tolling technology allowed the agency to completely replace its existing toll collection system and equipment at nine (9) tolling plazas throughout the State of Maryland. Intelect Corporation was engaged, as a subcontractor to Kapsch TrafficCom USA, Inc., and was awarded the tolling technology installation contract.

Intelect provided senior level personnel to assist with the assembly of design submittals and plans, wiring of electrical devices and panels, and performance of field work at various tolling facilities throughout Maryland. This required the ability to read and follow electrical drawings, use critical thinking, and utilize a range of electrical and mechanical skills.

SmartYard® Electrical Infrastructure at WMATA Bus Facilities

Intelect Corporation, as a subcontractor to Clever Devices, was awarded multiple contracts to perform installations for the WMATA SmartYard® initiative at various WMATA Bus Depots and Garages. These installations have provided the Owner with a new, state of the art bus mapping system made up of electrical infrastructure and sensors.

Intelect has been continuously retained by Clever Devices for over five years due to its’ unique ability to provide turn-key design, construction, management, and after service support. Each site we visited required ingenuity and design development to provide in-ground and above ground electrical conduit pathways and device placements. Intelect excels in challenging situations and was able to work with the prime contractor and WMATA to submit plans, gain approvals, and complete the work with minimal impact to WMATA’s Operations.

Multi-Award: Public Safety Infrastructure at WMATA Metro Stations

Our multi-year project provides WMATA, patrons, and first responders with a new, digital radio system. Intelect visited, surveyed, and installed Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) equipment in every single Metro Station.

This project required careful sequencing of work and careful attention to construction drawings to ensure proper materials were supplied and appropriate construction decisions were being made. The project also required GPR scanning, core drilling of walls and floors, and the application of firestopping material.

Radio frequency is a specialization of the electrical field that not all electricians understand. Intelect worked throughout the Metro tunnels while adhering to strict safety and quality control expectations. Intelect delivered this work under restrictive conditions and time constraints

Public Address and LED Message Sign Design, Build, and Maintenance

Intelect managed a team of integration specialists and proven equipment suppliers and interfaced with the various railroads comprising the MARC system, CSX, Amtrak, as well as West Virginia, the National Park Service Intelect installed LED signs, sign poles, speakers, speaker poles and pole bases, in-ground electrical and communication conduits, concrete, pads, cabinets, as well as all associated wiring and equipment at each of the thirty-eight (38) station locations.

Our system provides real time communications to each MARC station from the MARC Control Center, including live and recorded messages to speakers and LED displays mounted on the station platforms.

This project required that Intelect hold ultimate responsibility for the design, installation, and completion of a variety of electrical system installations across a wide geographic region. The locations spanned from Northern Maryland, to West Virginia, to the District of Columbia, and required proactive scheduling and staffing to meeting the deadlines. Intelect worked as a prime contractor and understands the expectations and requirements of working for major transportation agencies.

IDIQ Rail Station WiFi Conduit Installation

Intelect Corporation was selected by WMATA to be a prime contractor and to perform the construction of a major upgrade of rigid metallic conduit, fittings, boxes and infrastructure across Access Points in eighty-seven (87) station metro rail station Wi-Fi Systems within the WMATA system.

The work involved coordinating with other active projects, GPR scanning, and core drilling. On many occasions Intelect was required to work nights, adapt to new station schedules, and managed the changes on day-to-day basis with the WMATA Project Management team. The anticipated work varied depending on the size and design of the station, and Intelect was chosen to provide additional services via contract modifications throughout the life of the contract.

Value-Added Work That Keeps Your System Running Smoothly

Value-Added Work That Keeps Your System Running Smoothly Value-Added Work That Keeps Your System Running Smoothly


Optimize and Support Your Mission-Critical Applications

Optimize and Support Your Mission-Critical Applications


Supporting Your Telecom, IT, ITS, Security and Electrical Projects

Government needs a wide range of technology so it can do its best work on behalf of the people.

Intelect routinely provides technical services for State, Local, and Federal agencies. We have been working with government entities since 1995, so we not only provide project and technical expertise, we also understand government procurement, processes, procedures and regulatory requirements – all of which help you accomplish your goals most efficiently. Our status as a small business, and DBE/MBE in select areas gives you flexibility in your choice of partners.

Federal Building Energy Efficiency Mandate

Intelect is currently engaged in engineering and installing high-efficiency lighting. With the Federal mandate looming, governments are tasked with saving 30% on their energy usage by 2015. Intelect can supply, install, maintain and finance whole building/structure high- efficiency lighting solutions. Our solutions come with a minimum 5-year warranty to as high as 10-year warranties. Our packages come with electrical controls for saving even more money; in most cases an additional 50% cost reduction can be achieved by engineering control systems into the initial installation. Given the expense of making the change to high-efficiency lighting, Intelect has excellent financing that in most cases pays for itself over a very short period of time. When you compare the cost savings of going with high-efficiency lighting, you’ll find it pays for new lighting and installation!

Top Performance, Speed, Reliability and Flexibility

We have been working with commercial organizations for over twenty five years, so we understand what you need in your partner.

We will deliver the high-quality and reliable work you expect, from the engineering and design, through the implementation and maintenance. Intelect is known in the market for our ability to meet deadlines for the most demanding customers, and while we offer many off-the-shelf products and services, one of our primary strengths is the ability to cost-effectively customize solutions based on your unique needs.

Systems Expertise You Can Count On

Intelect is a one-stop shop for innovative telecom, video surveillance and security, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), information technology, and electrical systems.

Whether you’re a fleet manager upgrading to the latest technology, a transit system manager enhancing your communications infrastructure or surveillance systems, or a company that needs help with your electrical or IT systems, Intelect can produce quality results for you. We have the experience, knowledge, products and solutions, and maintain key alliances with partners to provide a range of communications, transportation, electrical and IT systems services. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of projects, including projects requiring significant integration using custom and commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) products.


Often the leading contributor is the loud and chaotic environment that develops. contributor is the loud and chaotic environment that develops.

Must follow very stringent safety standards for their operations. They make every effort to educate their workers and offer the best rail safety systems physically possible, but still must face the tragedy of maintenance workers or inspectors being struck and killed by trains.


The Integrated Compact Power System (ICPS) is a unique electrical

The Integrated Compact Power System (ICPS) is a unique electrical utility disconnect panel that combines multiple AC branch circuits and DC circuit disconnects into one single space-saving, lightweight panel. This greatly reduces costs, installation time, and space requirements so you can take advantage of unique power, test, and disconnect features.


Worker safety is a critical priority for railroads today.

Worker safety is a critical priority for railroads today. Not only do the transportation organizations care deeply about their employees, but also they must follow very stringent safety standards for their operations. They make every effort to educate their workers and offer the best rail safety systems physically possible, but still must face the tragedy of maintenance workers or inspectors being struck and killed by trains.